Sunday, 17 February 2013

My review for Erin Kelly - The Sick Rose is now under my reviews xx

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

weekend! what an experience

Hi all, well I definitely had an experience this weekend!! I thought, oh I know what I'll do, I will visit some bookcrossing places in Colchester! I had quite a few books and thought I would spread them around there.
There was a phone box for my first stop, unfortunately my sat nav took me to a dead end and I never managed to see this. I also had 3 pubs to go to and only found one! (just my luck) It was called The Forrester's arms. It was a small quaint little pub and I managed to put a few books on their shelf!

I also took two books as  have enjoyed Tasmina Perry books and I had heard a few things about the shop keeper on blossom street.

My last place was another phone box, I actually found it! It was in Feering on a little green and was packed with books! I added 30 books myself so hopefully one day I will hear where in the world they are! :)

I had an enjoyable day, just getting out for a while, then on the way home I hit a big pothole in my car! Puncturing my tyre! It took me just over an hour to change my tyre! I now however think i am super woman! lol xx