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The world according to Bob by James Bowen review xx

I would like to say a massive thank you to Waterstone's for letting me receive this book for an honest review!
Also another big thank you to them for having James Bowen and Bob do a signing at Gower St, the queue was long but it was really worth it getting the signature of James and the paw print of Bob!


The World According to Bob: The further adventures of one man and his street-wise cat

The book is set in fairly recent London where James and his soul mate Bob have been selling the Big Issue and busking the streets to survive day by day.
James had a problem with drugs over the years and ended up sleeping rough, however he finds a stray cat, Bob.
After seeing that Bob has no owner and been in an accident James takes him to get help.Bob starts to follow James everywhere and they form a family much bigger than anyone would believe.
Bob has all the tricks up his sleeve to help James and their working partnership and home life blossom for them both! (with lots of set backs along the way!)
I absolutely love the friendship between these two and can relate to the friendship of adult and animal. It was really heart warming to read!
The book itself made me feel sad, at how ruthless some people can be in this world. Worried for James health during the process of this book. But also glad, happy and thankful that both James and Bob had the love and support for each other they both needed and always will.
I really enjoyed this book and it gave me more of an insight on how people live on the streets on London. As James said 'it is every man for himself!'

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Hi all, sorry it's been a while since I have been here, but I am back now! :)

Cassie by Stephen King review xx

     Carrie is set in the town where she is born. she lives with her religious mother and is picked on in school! Everything goes wrong for her at the prom, not only for her but for everyone!
     Carrie was a very lonely girl who I think needed a lot of support and understanding of who she is and what she goes through at home.
     The girls at school are your typical popular evil girls who get their kicks by putting other people down.
     I liked the fact that she was asked to the prom as it made her feel like a normal girl compared to what she has felt like throughout.
     The telekinetic in the book was one thing I didn't mind, it was the way the book was written and kept jumping out of what was happening to something else. Really made me want to skip those bits (I was good, I didn't)
     I didn't love this book and I didn't hate it. It was ok for what it was. I'm hoping if I read another Stephen King book it will be better than this one.

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The Selection by Kiera Kass review xx

This book had me hooked from start to finish as I loved the reality show The Bachelor which theme is similar in the fact that someone is trying to find love from a group of the opposite sex.
For me I managed to read it quite quickly (also a sign of a good book for me! )
I heard about this book from 'teatime by EpicReads. They do a show to preview all the upcoming teen release from Harper Collins.
I loved the setting of this book, based in a beautiful palace. Also in caste system I love the fact the girls have been picked from all different castes.
America ends up finding herself between her love of Aspen and having some kind of feelings for Prince Maxon. America is very open when she speaks to Prince Maxon and is quite a feisty character.
Aspen is the love of her life and because he is a caste lower, their relationship is not truly deemed in the eyes of society as acceptable. Aspen seems to really love America but his ego gets in the way as he thinks he will not be able to  provide for her and his family.
Prince Maxon at first seems very formal, however, when he is with America he relaxes and seems like such a lovely character in spite of his role in the palace.
My favourite character I think has to be Prince Maxon as I think I have a small crush on him. He tries everything to win Americas heart, even if she throws it back in his face at times. He is warm, gentle and sincere.
I loved this book and the story flowed really well for me!
Any negatives? For me, not that I can think of, other than being jealous of not being able to wear the gorgeous dresses!

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My review of The Trap by Kimberley Chambers

published - 2013
publisher - harper
ISBN - 978-0-00743503-6

     I met the lovely Kimberley Chambers at a book signing in Waterstones in Romford. I am glad that I got this book signed and I am already looking forward to the next instalment of the Butler family!


     Set in 1960's East End and the outskirts of London. I loved this setting as some of the places are really close to where I live, so it made the story even more real for me!
      The Butler family are the main family in the book with Mum Queenie and her sons Vinny, Roy and Michael. Vinny thinks he is going to be as big as the Krays!
     There is also the Walker family, who have just moved into Whitechapel buying a cafe. Mary and Donald are informed by someone who is known as "mad Freda" that the Butlers are a no good family and that they should do as they say and there won't be any trouble! Mary and Donald  have two children, Nancy and Christopher. Christopher witnesses a Vinny murder someone outside of his snooker club and from there on in things go from bad to worse!
     Anyone who gets in Vinny's way are dealt with or taken care of, even if they are connected some way to the family. He has no conscience! No respect for anyone, especially women! The only women he has time for is his mother Queenie and will do anything for her! Vinny's character is so convincing that I tweeted Kimberley that I wanted to smash Vinny's head in! She tweeted back saying "But, he loves his mum" which made me giggle.
     It is so hard to choose my favourite character as they all bring something to the story. I love Vinny but hate him at the same time and I love his cousin Lenny as he is such a sweet innocent character in one crazy family!
    I absolutely loved this book and Kimberley's writing made it flow really well. There was never a boring or slow part, there was always something happening or evil lurking around the corner!
     I cannot think of any negatives at all. If anyone likes a crime and tough family read, you will love this! Please read it and let me know your thoughts!

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Josephine Cox - Blood Brothers.
Alice Jacobs has finally found the family she always wanted…
With her shy smile and kind nature, Alice wins the hearts of the Arnold family. A decent and well respected couple,Tom and Nancy Arnold have raised two very different sons, Frank and Joe.
Frank is a devious, brutal man. Seeing Alice as the key to his fortune, he is determined to have her for himself. However, his younger brother Joe has fallen in love with Alice, so when she and Frank become engaged to marry, Joe leaves home, determined to put a distance between himself and temptation. He reluctantly returns when Frank summons him to be his best man.
Alice finds herself inexplicably drawn to Joe, but feeling it to be her duty, she goes ahead and marries Frank, not wishing to hurt him. On their wedding night Frank shows his true colours and when he forces Alice to reveal a devastating secret, his evil nature reaps a shocking revenge.
In his blind hatred, intent on punishing those who have crossed him, Frank plans the final, ultimate retribution. An act that could tear apart not only the Arnold family, but shatter the lives of those around them forever. Unless someone can stop him …

     Published: 2010
     Publisher: HarperCollins
     ISBN: 9780007301423

     Joe left his family home a year ago, when his brother brought home a girl called Alice. Joe has instantly fallen for her and now a year later will be his brother Franks best man. As soon as he sees Alice again he knows his feelings for her have not gone!
     Spending more time together they confess feelings for each other and spend the night in the barn together. Alice decides to still marry Frank.
    After the wedding celebrations are over and her and Frank are alone, things go from bad to worse as Frank finds out about her and his brother!
    The event after this are shocking, Frank Arnold is truly an evil man with no sympathy for anyone other than himself! 
    I love Josephine Cox writing and find myself flicking through the pages so easily, getting lost in the story!

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Erin Kelly - The Sick Rose.
Paul has been led into a life of crime by his schoolyard protector, Daniel – but one night, what started as petty theft escalates fatally. Now, at nineteen, Paul must bear witness against his friend to avoid prison.
Louisa has her own dark secrets. Having fled from them many years ago, she now spends her days steeped in history, renovating the grounds of a crumbling Elizabethan garden. Her fragile peace is shattered when she meets Paul; he's the spitting image of the one person she never thought she'd see again.
A relationship develops between these two scarred people, and Louisa starts to believe she can again find the happiness she had given up on... but neither of them can outrun their violent pasts.
A story of secrets and guilt, The Sick Rose explores the extremes of obsessive love and loyalty, devotion and desperation.
The Sick Rose is the second novel by Erin Kelly and is published in hardback, ebook by Hodder & Stoughton, with the paperback version coming in March 2012. It is also available as an audiobook. The dramatic rights to The Sick Rose have been sold to ITV.

Published: 2011
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Pages: 342
Hardback ISBN: 9781444701074
Paperback ISBN: 9781444701081

     What can I say about Erin Kelly apart from, wow, what an amazing author!
     The Poison Tree was excellent and ended up at an ITV drama. I would love to see The Sick Rose on our screens!
     The story is about two main characters, Paul and Louisa.
     Paul is led into crime by Daniel, a boy who helped him get the bullies off of his back at school. This has led them to being inseparable! One evening a job that they are doing goes wrong and Paul ends up finding himself as the key witness against Daniel! His dreams of becoming a teacher are demolished quicker than he could imagine and finds himself in a sort of witness protection until the trial date is due. This is where he meets Louisa.
     Louisa helps in the renovation of the Elizabethan mansion where Paul has been sent for protection. However Louisa has a few secrets of her own, one of the mainly being an old lover called Adam before she came to the manor. Louisa sees a likeness of Adam in Paul and a bond is formed between them.
     They both rely on each other to see things through, even though they themselves feel an unlikely couple!
     I love the way this book is written as it changes in time, from their pasts to their present day! It is really well thought through and made the read flow perfectly for me!
     This book got me thinking quite a lot about who we all really are, what we would do if we were put in a situation out of our comfort zones. Also friendship, trust and loyalties!
     As ever, Erin Kellys book is another success to me and the ending left me in shock, not quite believing what I had read!
     I would definitely recommend this book!

P.S I would like to say congratulations to Erin Kelly on the birth of her daughter, Sadie Rosa. xx

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