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Hello all,

I am fairly new to the blog world as you can probably see! I have soooooo many books to read yet still can't help buying more!

I have been on goodreads for a number of years and normally post my reviews on there. However I have seen a lot of blogs and thought I would give it a go!

I am also on bookcrossing, I enjoy this, if you are not on it check it out! www.bookcrossing.com

If anyone thinks that my reviews are good enough for me to read and review your new book, I would be more than happy to do that! Love new books! If you think I will enjoy your book send me the blurb and i will get back to you!

Once again I hope you enjoy my ratings and reviews. All opinions are my own!

 How I rate the books I have read

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I absolutely loved this book and totally recommend it!!

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This was a really good book!

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It was ok, not good, not bad!

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I didn't like this book, something I wouldn't read again!

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This book was so bad in my opinion. I either struggled or ended up giving up on the book!

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