Saturday, 18 May 2013

My review of The Trap by Kimberley Chambers

published - 2013
publisher - harper
ISBN - 978-0-00743503-6

     I met the lovely Kimberley Chambers at a book signing in Waterstones in Romford. I am glad that I got this book signed and I am already looking forward to the next instalment of the Butler family!


     Set in 1960's East End and the outskirts of London. I loved this setting as some of the places are really close to where I live, so it made the story even more real for me!
      The Butler family are the main family in the book with Mum Queenie and her sons Vinny, Roy and Michael. Vinny thinks he is going to be as big as the Krays!
     There is also the Walker family, who have just moved into Whitechapel buying a cafe. Mary and Donald are informed by someone who is known as "mad Freda" that the Butlers are a no good family and that they should do as they say and there won't be any trouble! Mary and Donald  have two children, Nancy and Christopher. Christopher witnesses a Vinny murder someone outside of his snooker club and from there on in things go from bad to worse!
     Anyone who gets in Vinny's way are dealt with or taken care of, even if they are connected some way to the family. He has no conscience! No respect for anyone, especially women! The only women he has time for is his mother Queenie and will do anything for her! Vinny's character is so convincing that I tweeted Kimberley that I wanted to smash Vinny's head in! She tweeted back saying "But, he loves his mum" which made me giggle.
     It is so hard to choose my favourite character as they all bring something to the story. I love Vinny but hate him at the same time and I love his cousin Lenny as he is such a sweet innocent character in one crazy family!
    I absolutely loved this book and Kimberley's writing made it flow really well. There was never a boring or slow part, there was always something happening or evil lurking around the corner!
     I cannot think of any negatives at all. If anyone likes a crime and tough family read, you will love this! Please read it and let me know your thoughts!

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