Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Selection by Kiera Kass review xx

This book had me hooked from start to finish as I loved the reality show The Bachelor which theme is similar in the fact that someone is trying to find love from a group of the opposite sex.
For me I managed to read it quite quickly (also a sign of a good book for me! )
I heard about this book from 'teatime by EpicReads. They do a show to preview all the upcoming teen release from Harper Collins.
I loved the setting of this book, based in a beautiful palace. Also in caste system I love the fact the girls have been picked from all different castes.
America ends up finding herself between her love of Aspen and having some kind of feelings for Prince Maxon. America is very open when she speaks to Prince Maxon and is quite a feisty character.
Aspen is the love of her life and because he is a caste lower, their relationship is not truly deemed in the eyes of society as acceptable. Aspen seems to really love America but his ego gets in the way as he thinks he will not be able to  provide for her and his family.
Prince Maxon at first seems very formal, however, when he is with America he relaxes and seems like such a lovely character in spite of his role in the palace.
My favourite character I think has to be Prince Maxon as I think I have a small crush on him. He tries everything to win Americas heart, even if she throws it back in his face at times. He is warm, gentle and sincere.
I loved this book and the story flowed really well for me!
Any negatives? For me, not that I can think of, other than being jealous of not being able to wear the gorgeous dresses!

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