Friday, 16 August 2013

The world according to Bob by James Bowen review xx

I would like to say a massive thank you to Waterstone's for letting me receive this book for an honest review!
Also another big thank you to them for having James Bowen and Bob do a signing at Gower St, the queue was long but it was really worth it getting the signature of James and the paw print of Bob!


The World According to Bob: The further adventures of one man and his street-wise cat

The book is set in fairly recent London where James and his soul mate Bob have been selling the Big Issue and busking the streets to survive day by day.
James had a problem with drugs over the years and ended up sleeping rough, however he finds a stray cat, Bob.
After seeing that Bob has no owner and been in an accident James takes him to get help.Bob starts to follow James everywhere and they form a family much bigger than anyone would believe.
Bob has all the tricks up his sleeve to help James and their working partnership and home life blossom for them both! (with lots of set backs along the way!)
I absolutely love the friendship between these two and can relate to the friendship of adult and animal. It was really heart warming to read!
The book itself made me feel sad, at how ruthless some people can be in this world. Worried for James health during the process of this book. But also glad, happy and thankful that both James and Bob had the love and support for each other they both needed and always will.
I really enjoyed this book and it gave me more of an insight on how people live on the streets on London. As James said 'it is every man for himself!'

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