Saturday, 9 March 2013

what have I been up to?

It has been a while again since I last posted so this is a quick update and to remind myself what I have been doing!

On Saturday 23rd Feb I went to Waterstones in Romford and got my book signed by the lovely Kimberley Chambers.

She has done many books and is know as the next Martina Cole! Kimberley was promoting her next trilogy starting with "The Trap"

Really looking forward to reading it and it is next on my list! :)

Last Saturday 2nd March I also met the gorgeous Laura Ziepe at Romford Waterstones! (how lucky am I, two lovely authors in a row!)
Laura's book is "Essex girls" which I also cannot wait to read! Laura was a lovely person to meet and defiantly has her head screwed on. She was supposed to appear in the series TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) however she pulled out. I think that she made the right decision in my opinion and I wish her every happiness for her wedding day! :)

Last but not least I entered a comipetion on twitter @TescoBooks and I won a copy of "wonders of life" by Brian Cox. The pictures in it are truly beautiful and I cannot wait to read this either!

That's it for now. Thanks for reading xx

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